Angel Heart Boutiques is offering a special edition of their ‘Beauty of the Hunt’ collection for $5,000

It’s the beauty of the hunt.

For a limited time, Angel Heart is offering the Beauty of the Hunted collection for a limited price, exclusively for their website.

The brand has previously released limited editions of the ‘Beauties of the Hunter’ and ‘The Hunter’s Daughter’ for sale, but this one is the first time the brand has made a limited edition collection available for sale. 

The ‘Beautys of the Hunters’ are collections of jewelry, shoes, accessories and other beauty essentials for the women who hunt, but they also highlight the women of color who hunt as well as the women that help support them.

It’s not just women that are being featured in the ‘beauty of hunters’, but men as well. 

You can purchase the Beauty Of The Hunt collection from Angel Heart on the brand’s website for $25,000.

It will go on sale July 24th at 9 a.m.


Here’s what you need to know about the ‘Beware The Hunt’ line:The ‘Barely Meets The Eye’ line is a collection of men’s shoes, shoes with no seams, and a selection of men accessories. 

All the pieces in the Barely MeitsTheHunter are priced at $10,000, but for the ‘Bride of Hunt’ you can get one for $17,500. 

 The Beauty of The Hunter line includes a full-length collection of the men’s collection, including a $30,000 dress with a diamond applique and a $10k gold hoop earring. 

For the Bride of Hunt, you get the shoes for $23,500, as well a pair of jeans, and the bracelet for $30k. 

This ‘Bachelor of Hunt’, as the collection is called, comes with a necklace, ring and bracelet, and it also comes with an $18k gold necklace. 

There are two other ‘Bachelors of Hunt,’ and for $50,000 you can add the ‘Queen of Hunt.’ 

For $100,000 you get a $20k bracelet, with the $50k ring, and $50K necklace.

There are also six other pieces in this collection, but you can only get a pair if you spend $100k.

Here’s the complete listing for the “Bachelor Of Hunt”:The ‘Queen Of Hunt’ is a $50.000 bracelet, which you can pick up for $45,000 (and you can purchase this at a later date). 

 This is also the first Beauty of Hunt collection to be available for $10K, so it’s a nice way to show off your collection. 

These are the same two pieces you get for the $60k ‘Queen’ collection.

Here’s a closer look at the ‘Hunts’ jewelry. 

We also got the chance to check out the ‘Hunter’s Daughter’, a collection featuring a $6k bracelet and $4k necklace, and also a $35k bracelet. 

And for a little more fun, we also got a look at this collection that includes a $15k gold ring, an $11k bracelet with a heart and a ‘Queen and Hunter’ necklace, plus two $25k jewelry pieces. 

Finally, the ‘Cousin of Hunt’s Daughter,’ a $17k bracelet that comes with the ‘Prince of Hunt.'” 

It’s a really cute collection, and they do offer a ‘freebie’ with the purchase of one item, which is the bracelet that includes the bracelet, but we won’t be getting that until July 24. 

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