When the nail salon is in the same town as the boutique

The name Luna Chick is not a catchy one, but it is a reference to a classic 1980s television sitcom.

This week, we spoke to the people behind Luna Chick, a local nail salon in the tiny town of Rochdale, in the north of England.

We were told that the business was started by two friends who wanted to make a difference in their community and that they would take their nail salon to the next level with a new business model.

Luna Chick opened its doors in May 2016 and has since expanded to a number of different locations in the UK and Ireland.

It is run by two sisters, Heather and Rachel, who are both keen to change the image of nail salon, both of whom are very passionate about their craft.

“The nail salon isn’t what it was in the 80s.

Now we want to take that idea to a new level,” Rachel said.

The Luna Chick brand, which started in 2016, features on a number a items, such as a new colour scheme, and is also available in an array of colours, from purple to green.

I have never had a nail salon before, but I would love to do it again, Heather said.

I have a passion for making a positive impact in the community and making people feel at home.

For Rachel, the new nail salon was inspired by her sister’s work.

“When I was younger I used to go to nail salons all the time, but when I got older I decided that I would go out and make my own things,” she said.

“I started making a few of my own nail art and soon became really good at it and decided that it was something I wanted to share with others.”

That’s why I started Luna Chick.

I love to see people having fun and doing something creative.

“The nail art is sold by the dozen and sells well, she said, adding that the company was always interested in getting new clients.

A nail salon can be an extremely lonely experience for those who have lost a loved one to cancer.

Rachel said that she wanted to offer them a place to come together and connect with people.”

It’s nice to have a friend over who is a nail artist or artist, or someone who has done something with their nails,” she added.”

They’re always going to have someone to talk to.

“If someone has a favourite colour, or they’re really into their nail art, they can come in and see it for themselves.”

There are also nail art tutorials available on the website.

What’s next for Luna Chick?

The Luna Chan is a brand that has become popular with both young and old in the past few years, Heather added.

She said that her sister wanted to take the business to the stage of having the biggest show at the nail show, adding: “I love it.”

The Luna Club is an organisation that provides an opportunity for people to work together and share their love of nails, which Rachel said she felt she could do in Luna Chick and the Luna Club.

In the future, the Luna Chan would like to be able to offer a lot more products.

“The shop is still very small, so it would be nice to expand it into a larger space,” she explained.

“It’s just so small that you can see how much the business has grown.”

Right now, we are just trying to get the business going.

“What is your favourite part of the Luna Chick nail salon?”

There’s a lot of different nail styles and nail art accessories. “

We love to show them how to get their nails done in a beautiful way.

There’s a lot of different nail styles and nail art accessories.

So many people come to us because of the colour palette and the way we paint our nails.”

Is Luna Chick a niche brand?

Rachel said that the Luna Chicks nail art has a lot to offer, as well as the potential to help change the way people perceive nail art.

When she said this, a few people looked at her with surprise, but the other two ladies agreed.

“We really love nail art too,” Rachel told us.

“Our sister, Heather, is really into nail art as well.”

She makes nail art for her kids, her husband and even her daughter.

“So it’s a really special thing.”

Do you have a favourite nail salon or item you like to share?

We want to hear from you.

Please email us your story and experience to [email protected]

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