New Girl: ‘I’m so happy that I got to play the ‘Mint Julep’ boutique

NEW GUY: The cast of NEW GUYS is coming back to the mall for their annual reunion, and one of the most iconic boutiques in New York City is back.

The store was closed for several years after the release of the critically acclaimed movie “The Muppets.”

Now, it’s back. 

“The Muppet Store was a really special place to be,” says Melissa Aoki, who plays Mint Julepa.

“I’ve been so lucky to work here since I was in high school, and the Muppet store has been such a great resource for me.

I’ve learned a lot about fashion and creativity.

I learned a ton of things there that I didn’t learn anywhere else.”

Aoki is just one of several celebrities and hipsters who will be reprising their roles in the Muppeteers.

The “Muppet Store” film is now in theaters, and Muppet stars Zachary Levi, John Goodman, Will Arnett, Kermit the Frog, and Kermit The Frog Jr. are among the guests.

“They are going to be in this store.

They are going back, they are going home, they have a birthday, a Christmas party, a party, so we are excited,” Aoki says.

“It is the Moo-poo store.

You never know what you are going into.”

A&T is also returning the shop to its original form.

“We had a lot of fun with the Mink and Minkie store and we really want to bring it back,” A≈T CEO and founder Paul Polman said in a statement.

“And we wanted to have a real celebration and give back to our community.

We will be opening up our first Muppeterics location in New Orleans, a new store in Brooklyn, and will be hosting our first convention in Las Vegas in December.

We want to do this because we feel that we are helping people make their way to the Moolies.”

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