How to make pink lilies in your own kitchen

A pink lolly boutique in Portland, Ore., is using a homemade vegan diet to make its signature pink lollies, and it’s selling the stuff online.

Owner Toni Wylie said the pink lillies, which are a favorite at her store, are an easy and healthy way to add texture to the lollie.

“The main thing we do is make them vegan and vegan-friendly and then we use the best ingredients,” she said.

Wylie makes the pink and blue lollied lollipops in a small kitchen in her shop and sells them online through a subscription service.

It takes just 10 minutes to make the vegan lollys, and they’re vegan and gluten-free, too.

Lilly lollipop cakes are sold at her shop.

I love it when people are buying it, she said, and the pink ones taste great.

This is a little different than just making them vegan, because we use so many different kinds of oils, she added.

“It is kind of a way to get the flavors of these lollips from different sources and different ingredients and make them look the way they want,” she explained.

She uses natural flavors like orange, mint, and lemon to color the lillipops.

A friend and I made a batch of the pink one-ounce lollicops for a wedding last week, and she said she loved the way she felt afterward after eating the delicious treats.

“I really felt great,” she told ABC News.

“I loved it so much that I had to make another batch.”

Wolie said she’s sold more than 1,000 lollicles online in the past month.

As for her future plans, she hopes to expand her shop to include other vegan and vegetarian items.

In the future, she’s hoping to expand into vegan and dairy products.

“Right now I do make vegan, but I’m thinking about expanding,” she added, adding that she also has plans to sell vegan ice cream.

More stories from Oregon:Oregon-based boutique Pink Lily specializes in handmade vegan lilies and cakes.

Follow the Pink Lilies on Facebook and Twitter for the latest on their pink lills.

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