How the Indian-American Beauty Brand Emma Lou’s Fiercely Beloved Shoppers Can Be ‘Focused’ and ‘Open-Minded’

By Emma Louise Leys The founder of one of India’s most revered beauty brands Emma Louis’ flagship store in Mumbai, Emmamal, is now the latest Indian-born celebrity to become a global icon.

The world’s most-loved beauty brand, she was born in the city of Dadar, near Mumbai, on December 6, 1964, to an American father and Indian mother.

Her mother, Anil Louis, had worked in the US for a decade and was a former fashion model.

Emma, who became the company’s founder in 2000, became famous for her “highbrow” designs, including the line of “pink eyeshadow eyeshadows” and the “beautiful but serious” eyeshade “Lush”.

“It was my mother who introduced me to the brand,” Emmma said.

“She was so committed and had the courage to create the line for the people in the community who could not afford expensive makeup or expensive accessories.

She knew the people.

They were not a product for sale.”

Her products have remained a global hit ever since, including an Emmadela line that sold out almost instantly.

The brand’s popularity has been boosted by a global trend of “empowering women” and empowering their bodies, said Ms Leys, who was born and raised in India.

“It’s about empowerment of women and empowering men.

It’s about not letting their ego get the best of them,” she said.”

I think the biggest thing is we have to stop and reflect on what is going on in the world and what is happening in our own lives, because if we are going to be successful, we need to be the people we want to be and to believe in ourselves.”

What I have learnt over the last 15 years is that people want to see beauty and it’s a beautiful thing.

“Emma Leys has a unique view of beauty.

She was raised in the Hindu tradition and grew up in the area of the same name, which is situated near Mumbai.”

For a long time, Ms Leies has been working to transform the brand and has a number of ambitious projects planned. “

It’s a combination of the beauty of the person and the beauty you create in your own life.”

For a long time, Ms Leies has been working to transform the brand and has a number of ambitious projects planned.

One of these is an Emmarise brand of facial and body treatments for women, which she said is her most ambitious yet.

“For us, there are two major projects we are doing: firstly, we are working on the Emmarises skin-care products, which we will be releasing in the first half of 2018, and secondly, we will release Emmariser cosmetics in the next couple of years,” she added.

“There is something really exciting about the Emmaler brand and how we are changing the face of beauty, in a way that is very different from what is currently on the market.” 

Emma said her dream is to create a brand of beauty products that will be sold in a range of colours and that will appeal to both men and women.

“The beauty of India is that it has so many people who are very passionate about beauty,” she explained.

“We need to empower these women and men to be more aware of beauty and the things that make it beautiful.”

She believes Emmamelise will be the first in the country to offer an extensive range of products for women and that women should also be aware of the importance of skin care products.

“When I was growing up in India, the beauty that I saw was always the cream, the moisturiser, the eye cream, but I really started to notice when I got older that people started to think about their skin.

They start to care about the skin more and the skin care should be the last thing on their mind,” she argued.”

So, the whole Emmablise brand is about making women aware of what it is they are supposed to be using.

So that they are not using their face in a bad way.

We are trying to make the beauty we see more and more appealing to women.” 

As part of the Emmalise launch, Ms Louis will be introducing a new product, the Emmlake Emmlay, which will be available in six shades of pink and be available on August 15.

“Emma loves pink, so I have been doing a lot of research on pink products and I have decided to make Emmlakes pink as well,” Ms Lees said.

Emmamelises new lipstick shade, ‘Pink’, is also inspired by the “pinky” colour that Emmama and her mother used when they were younger.

Emmlake is available in seven

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