Why did the princess pollie boutique go under?

Royal Victoria Police said it has made “significant progress” in its investigation into a deadly blaze at a luxury jewelry shop in the Melbourne suburb of Prince William St. The department said it was reviewing the evidence and was “reviewing options” to respond to any additional evidence.

Royal Victoria Police spokeswoman Sgt. Sarah Gompertz said the incident at the boutique in Prince William on Monday was “the culmination of a disturbing series of events”.

“We have been working diligently to understand the facts, to assess our own investigation, and to come to a conclusion about the nature and cause of this tragic event,” she said.

Gompertze said the department was reviewing its investigation of the incident.

The boutique, owned by the polly, was fire-proofed with smoke-proofing and fire-resistant glass.

Victoria Police said in a statement that a total of 17 people, including two women, died in the fire.

“The investigation into this incident continues and we remain hopeful that the investigation will lead to the identification of those responsible for the fire,” it said.

Victoria Police is investigating after a fire at a boutique in the suburb of Princess William St., Victoria, in 2018.

Flames engulfed the boutique and caught fire, sending the fire alarm going off and sending residents running out into the street.

A fire extinguisher was seen being used to try to stop the flames, but it was too late.

Witnesses told the ABC the fire appeared to have been started by the owners of the boutique trying to extinguish a blaze.

Police said the blaze started on Monday morning around 9:00am, when the owner of the shop, who was in her 20s, told a manager she was in a store, which then sent an alarm to the building.

It is understood the owner went into the boutique to check on the security of the property, but the alarm went off, she went back inside and the alarm did not stop.

She then returned to check the security again, but did not find anything suspicious.

By 9:20am, the owner, who had just returned from work, was seen on the balcony of the store, trying to make repairs to the windows.

At 9:35am, a firefighter arrived on the scene and was met by an alarm.

Firefighters were able to put out the fire, but were unable to put it out quickly enough to put the shop out of flames.

No one was injured in the blaze.

The fire department said the fire was extinguished and no one was hurt.

Queensland Police said a woman was arrested after a police pursuit of the suspect in relation to the blaze, but she was not injured.

ABC reporter Emily McAllister attended the scene, reporting to the ABC that it looked like a very messy scene.

What we are seeing is the aftermath of a very complex, very stressful incident.

We have just seen a very serious fire in a boutique, in a residential building, and it is the culmination of multiple events.

We are really looking at the extent of the damage and how that is going to affect the people who were there and the residents who were out there.

People have been evacuated, the fire has gone from one side of the building to the other, and there is smoke everywhere.

As the building was being evacuated, people were told to stay inside, while the fire continued to burn in the street, and the fire department was on scene.

The store was reopened on Tuesday afternoon.

Queenstown Police said they were not releasing any further information at the time.

An inquiry into the blaze is also being led by the Victorian Fire Service, which said it is also investigating the circumstances of the fire and has “significant evidence” to support the police investigation.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the situation was “distressing and distressing” but there were no immediate reports of any deaths.

He said he had spoken to the Royal Victoria Fire Brigade commander and they were assisting with the investigation.

“I am pleased that this investigation has been concluded and we will have the opportunity to look at the circumstances, to understand exactly what happened, to look into what led up to this incident and the wider investigation,” he said.

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