How to keep your puppy in style in Utah

The last thing your puppy wants to be is left alone at night and left to fend for itself.

But Utah is full of dog parks that offer some of the best pet-friendly environments for the canine species, so the state is home to a handful of puppy boutiques.

Here are 10 things to know about these places.


Dog parks: Dog parks are popular in most major cities, but the state has plenty of dog-friendly places for the outdoorsy, outdoor-loving breed.

Utah has five dog parks, according to the Dog Park Association of America.

And while many dog parks are owned by licensed breeders, there are plenty of pet-safe options for those who want to bring their canine buddies into the home.

There are several outdoor dog parks in the state, including the Utah Dog Park in Salt Lake City, Dog Park Ranch in Coeur d’Alene, the Dogpark in Draper and the Doggie Park in Draper.

Dogs can play in a variety of places, from a sand pit to a pond, and even on the beach.

Dogs also can be seen playing with the occasional kitty or two in the Utah Parks and Wildlife Department’s outdoor dog play area.

Dogs are not permitted inside vehicles and are allowed to stay at the dog park’s gate if the dog is wearing a leash.

You can also park your dog in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center.


Dog cafes: There are dozens of dog cafes in Utah, including one at the Cottonwood Mall in Draper that offers a variety (from small dog parks to the full-service Dog Park Cafe) of dog treats, toys and more.

Dog-friendly dog cafes can be found at a few pet-friendliness-focused businesses, including Cottonwood Pets, the Pet Shop at Cottonwood, and the Pet Supply at Cottonwoods.

Dogs at the Dog Cafe at Cottonywood have the option to have their photos taken with their owner or have their picture taken with a friend at a dog cafe.

Dogs may also enjoy the comfort of a crate at the Pet Store at Cotton Wood, as well as the convenience of a pet wash and dryer at the Car Wash at Cottonley.


Dog trails: Dog trails can be a great way to get around town or just wander around a little bit.

There’s plenty of places for dogs to run, jump on, and explore trails at many of the state’s dog parks.

Dog Parks Utah, which has been offering dog trails for over a decade, has over 5,000 dog trails.

They’re just a short walk from the Utah Museum of Natural History, where you can take a look at some of Utah’s most beloved animals and find a nice spot to nap.

Dog Trails are located at the following dog parks: Cottonwood Dog Parks, Cottonwood Pet Park, Cottonwoods Park, The Pet Supply, Pet Park at Cotton Oaks, Pet Supply Dog Park, Doggy Paradise Dog Park and the Cottonwoods Dog Trail.

Dogs and their owners are also welcome to use the dog parks’ dog kennels to explore and play.

Dog kennel owners can choose from a variety the different breeds and sizes of dogs in their dog’s kennells.

Dog dogs are also allowed to use public parks’ playgrounds and trails for play, as long as dogs are at least eight years old.

Dogs must stay at least 10 feet away from other dogs or other people.


Dog walkers: Dog walker classes are offered at the Cedar Park Pet Park in Redding, as are classes for dogs.

You’ll find dog-proofed, dog-sitting areas at Cedar Park and other dog parks around Utah.

There may also be dog parks with pet-free zones that are dog-safe, as opposed to dog parks where dogs are allowed in and out of the building.

Dog owners can take their dogs for dog walkers on a leash to a dog park near their residence.


Dog grooming: There’s nothing quite like getting your pup into a good grooming routine.

Here at Pet Care at Cedar City, you can get a free, dog shampoo or body wash for your pup each time you visit, including during grooming sessions.

You may also opt for a dog shampoo and body wash at the Animal Care Centre of the Pet Care and Control Association, as a dog may be allergic to some types of chemicals, so you may want to use an alternative product to wash your dog.

And if you don’t want to brush your pup, you may opt to use a spray to help them get their scent on their coats.


Dogs on walks: Dogs are generally allowed on the sidewalk at the Utah State Capitol, where a large outdoor courtyard is available for the animals to play, but dogs must stay on a two-foot leash and can’t walk or run on sidewalks.

Dogs in the outdoor courtyard are allowed on sidewalks and are limited to two feet, as is the case with dog walks.

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