How to be more stylish at Bellesa boutique 115

New Delhi: Bellesa, India’s first boutique of its kind, is offering a range of affordable fashion for the first time, with the latest trend to be showcased on the premises.

In the first half of 2019, Bellesa launched its new collection, which also includes a range for women’s and children’s and women’s shoes, accessories, apparel and accessories. 

“It’s a collection of modern design in contemporary style, which is very different from the traditional Indian fashion,” said Nilesh Pandey, head of Bellesa’s brand development.

The new collection includes the most popular designs in Indian fashion from all corners of the world including Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese designers, and is the first in India to be presented at a boutique of this size. 

The boutique is located in a posh building in a residential area, and it offers the perfect setting for the designers and customers to interact. 

Pandey, who is also a fashion consultant, said the shop’s latest collection will help in the fashion industry in India, especially in the country’s burgeoning fashion sector.

“It is a new fashion trend that is happening in the market, so the brand has got a lot to offer and this new collection is going to help in helping the industry in making sure that our brand is relevant in the Indian market,” he added. 

Bellesa’s new collection features a mix of modern styles including women’s, men’s and kids’ footwear, as well as accessories and accessories for women. 

It is aimed at the younger crowd, which can afford to shop for their clothes online, instead of spending hundreds of dollars in a store, said Pandey.

The brand has also started a Facebook page, which will be open for customers to comment on its latest collection.

The new collection will be available in the coming days and will be on display at Bellega’s flagship location in the city from December 31 to January 3. 

In a nod to the popularity of the brand, it also launched a special collection called “Beauty for the Holidays” for those who are looking to wear their most fashionable pieces. 

 Bellega will be presenting its new collections in India for the very first time in the capital in the following days.

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