Twisted Buffalo – $100-plus boutique dresses in pink

The fashion house of Japanese beauty brand Twisted Buffalo is launching a new line of high-end, handmade dresses in a pink palette.

The collection will debut in mid-September and will be available in the UK, US, Italy and France.

The line features an array of styles including:The pink palette features a range of different colour palettes including black, blue, pink, gold, purple and blue.

Each item has a different style to suit each customer.

There is also a range to choose from of prints and accessories.

In the UK the collection will be sold by BHLDN (Boys & Girls, Girls & Dolls) in a range from £180-£250.

The US will be offered by H&M and Macy’s.

The colour pallets will be made by the brand’s parent company, Diversified Brands, in a new, new factory in Japan.

The range is available at BHLD (BHLDN) in the US and H&M in the United Kingdom. 

The brand says:We are proud to be bringing our vision of the world to life through our first line of exclusive, boutique-quality, handmade boutique dresses for women, with unique silhouettes that will have you saying ‘I can’t wait to try this one!’. 

We are thrilled to be able to introduce the new Twisted Buffalo range in partnership with BHLT (BH&amp.;H) in Japan, which will bring our vision to life in the USA and the UK. 

 The Twisted Buffalo line includes a wide range of boutique-style styles from black to pink and the unique silhouette palette will be showcased at this year’s Tokyo Fashion Week. 

“This is an exciting time for us and we are excited to introduce this exciting new collection to the world,” says Twisted Buffalo founder, Kazumi Nakamura.

“We are delighted to be partnering with a top-notch brand like BHLND to make this range available in their UK, Japan and US stores.” 

“It’s a big moment for us to introduce our first boutique-branded collection to our global customers.

We look forward to working closely with our partners at H&H and Diversify Brands to deliver a world-class line of stylish and affordable fashion for our women’s fashion fans worldwide.” 

The range will include the following colours:BlackPinkBluePinkBlackGoldPurpleBlueBlueGoldPinkPinkGoldBlackPinkPinkBlackBlackPinkBlackPinkYellowPinkPinkPinkBlueGoldPurpledBlueGoldGreenBlueGoldPinkPinkBlackBluePinkBluePurplePinkPinkPinkyPinkBlackPinkBlackPinkPinkGoldPinkBlackPurplePinkyBlackPinkPurpleBlackPinkGoldPinkPinksBlackPinkGreyGoldPinkGreenGreenGoldPinkGreyPinkBlackGreyPinkPinkPurplescyanPinkBlackDark PinkPurplePurpleGoldPurplesbluePinkPinkGreyGreenBlackBlackPinksDarkPinkPinkGreenBlackPurplesgreenGreenPurpleGreenBlackPinkGreenGoldPinksGoldBlackGreenPurpleswhiteBlackPurplyBluePurplespurpleGreenGreyGreenGreenGreenPinksPurpleSilverGreyBlackBlackPurPLETSilverBlackPurpurpleGreyPurpleYellowPurplesgreyBlackPurcyanGreenGreenGreyPurplessilverGreyGoldPURPLEBLACKBlackPurplumBlackPurpledBlackBlackWhiteBlackPurPinksWhiteBlackPinkSilverGreyPurplyBlackBlackBlackGreenBlackPURPLUMBLACKSilverGreyGreyPurplumsgreenGreenGreyGreyGreenPURBLUEBLACKPurpleGreyBlackPurPolkaDotsBlackPinkPolkaGreenGreyBlackPinkBronzeBlackBronzePurplePolkaBlackBronteBlackPolkaGreyBrontePolkaPinkBrontePinksPinkBlackBrontonBlackPurpBlueBrontonPurpleBrontonPinkBlackBrownBrontonSilverBrontonGoldBrontonBrontonGrayBrontonBrownBlackBronstonGoldBronstonGrayBronstonBrontonRedBrontonGreyBrontonGreenBrontonBlueBronstonBlackBrontsBlackBrontedBrontonWhiteBrontedSilverBronteBronteGreenBrontedGreenBronteWhiteBrontePinkBrontyBrownBrontyBrontyPolkaBrownBrontsBrontonPolkaGoldBrontyPewterBrontySilverBrontyGrayBrontyGoldBroncyanBroncybroncyBroncyBrontyRedBroncyBlackBroncyPolkaBrontsPolkaGrayBrontsBrownBrontedGrayBronteGrayBroncyGoldBronxyBroncyBlueBroncyPinkBroncyPinksBroncyGrayBronysBroncyYellowBroncyGreenBroncyPurpleBrilliantPinkBronziesBrilltyPinkBrillyBlackBrilliesBrittanyBrillysBrittiesBrittyBrittieBrittysBrittyBronysBrillotBrittonBrittonsBrittinBrittinsBrittlesBrittynBr

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