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DRESS: Dainty Jewell’s (c/o) // SHOES: Rockport (currently 30% off!) (c/o)// SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban // HANDBAG: ASOS

It has been the season of change for me this spring. Entrepreneurship was never something I thought of a few years ago, but it somehow just fell in my lap. When I thought my love for writing and fashion would lead me to moving to New York City to work for a fashion magazine, it actually led me to build a brand and platform of my own – that is ever changing.

Over the past few years as my blog grew, so did I. I no longer saw myself in a work setting that allowed for a 9-5 shift day after day. Though working for someone else certainly has it’s benefits, I slowly found myself wanting to break free from such a career path to one I created for myself. Now starting a business (let alone two), is definitely not easy. I’ve had my setbacks, doubts, and fears the whole way through, but I also have had this spark- an inner fire if you will – to keep on going.

Which led me to leaving my four year career path in Marketing last month. Was this something I had planned for? Yes, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly! In the midst of working full time on both my blog and Sparkle Studio shop, life got a little crazy (and so did I!). I am a go-getter and workaholic in a sense, but constantly working around the clock can really take a toll on your mental and physical health. I’m not going to go into all the details, but let’s just say I got to the breaking point where I couldn’t do it all anymore and a change had to be made.

Taking the leap has been a super exciting, strange, and nerve-wracking experience. I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time, and I am so grateful for all the support and love I have received for taking on both my blog and shop full time. The past month has been filled with a lot of prepping for my stationery shop (I’m at SoWa Open Market every Saturday and Sunday!), getting used to having my own schedule (wait I can really leave work at 2pm and go workout now?!), and downtime. My inner self wanted me to get right back into blogging and creating items for my shop, but the first couple of weeks after leaving my job, I was completely exhausted. Most likely due to emotional/physical stress, but I really found the value in self care over the past few weeks. My mom and I even took a trip to Ireland and it was such a great experience to step outside the little world I’ve created and turn a new page. I am slowly getting back into being here though, and you can expect to see a lot more of me in the weeks ahead! I am still trying to figure out what works best for me, but plan to see more outfit and lifestyle posts – I missed you all!

Now that I’ve summed up my life story for you all (you’re probably so over it!), let’s talk about the outfit I’m wearing today! You all know I love florals….way too much to be exact, so no surprise I fell in love with this Dainty Jewell’s dress. I stumbled upon Dainty Jewell’s a couple of months ago, and love their selection of clothing – especially the dresses! I wore this dress while in Ireland, and loved the breezy feel of the dress. The length is perfect and the adjustable sleeves came in great use! Also, if you’re in need of affordable bridesmaid dresses, Dainty Jewell’s has such cute ones!

Florals and neutrals will forever be my favorite style combination. Since the dress has such a great pattern to begin with, I decided to keep my accessories on more of a softer tone. These flats by Rockport are seriously one of my favorite go-to’s this spring. They’re such a great color (literally go with everything), and so comfortable to be in all day.

I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday!


Floral Frill Dress








DRESS: Nordstrom // DENIM JACKET: J.Crew // HANDBAG: Kate Spade // SANDALS: Sam Edelman // SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban // EARRINGS: Tory Burch // LIPSTICK: Anastasia “Dainty”

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday!!

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite summer dresses that I recently wore while in Denver. I’m a girl who loves her florals, and this dress just had me at “hello” with it’s color combos and babydoll/frill style. This actually just might be my go-to summer outfit. Most days after work, I want to slip into something easy and comfy, and this outfit fits the bill! I tend to only buy a couple pairs of sandals each summer (they don’t last me more than a season!), so these Sam Edelman sandals have been on repeat all season, sorrrrrry!

I borrowed my mom’s Kate Spade handbag from a couple of season’s ago, and love it against the floral detailing of this dress. I tend to stay away from white accessories due to their tendency to get dirty quickly, but this handbag still looks brand new- I linked a similar one above!

Now let me talk a little about our time in Denver. I had to fly out for a convention for my work, but spent a couple of days after the show to explore the beautiful city! I found the city to be so charming – behind me in the pictures was one of the cutest streets in Denver – Larimer Square. Decorated with string lights up and down the street, you will find boutiques, restaurants and bakeries along the perfectly paved road. My mom and I stopped into Tamayo, a Mexican restaurant at the end of Larimer Square. It was the best Mexican food I had ever had! We both enjoyed Chicken Tacos and started our meal off with Guacamole- a given!!

I will be doing more of a review of our time in Denver in the next week or so!

I hope you all have a beautiful day, thank you so much for stopping by!




Goal Trotting








DRESS: Love, Fire // BOOTS: Dolce Vita // HANDBAG: Vince Camuto (love it in leopard too!) // SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban // LIPSTICK: Anastasia “Dainty”

Happy Monday loves!

Let’s talk about #goals.

I have always been a goal-oriented person. It’s just the way I think, feel, live. I feel setting goals is a healthy way to strive, learn, and grow into the person you are meant to be.

With setting goals, you set a clear path of where you would like to see yourself, and then work until you get there. I have always been a tough person on myself. If I don’t make a set goal by the time I thought I would accomplish it by, I get upset and feel discouraged. Now, it’s okay to realize you have not yet accomplished what you wanted, but it’s not healthy to beat yourself up over not getting there yet. You have to give yourself credit for all the effort you have put in, continue to work hard, and once you have reached where you want to be, the goal will be evermore rewarding!

I am going through such a time right now where I feel I wrote out all these goals at the beginning of the year (I think the half year mark is really taking a toll on me haha!), and am feeling a little discouraged at where I currently stand. Though it’s okay to realize that I am not yet there, this time I am not going to allow myself to get upset over it, but continue to push through & work hard to obtain the goals I have!

Have you all had goals set in your mind that overtime you realized you haven’t conquered yet and get frustrated with? How do you deal with such circumstances? I know this is a heavy topic for a Monday, but one of my goals is to be more “real” with you all and talk more about areas of my life I’m sure most of you can relate to.

With all our “goal” talking, this outfit is serious #goals for fall! I have always loved the dress and over the knee boots combo, especially when the weather is nice enough that you’re not freezing in your outfit! My dress is the perfect summer to fall transition piece, and it’s only $48! These boots are part of the #NSALE and really are a key staple for your fall wardrobe. Make sure to invest in them while the sale lasts because after the sale, they will go back up to regular price!

A lot of you have been asking about my lip color I have been sporting lately, and it’s linked here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read my blog, it truly means so much!



Summer Swing Dress








DRESS: Urban Outfitters // SANDALS: ASOS // SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban // WATCH: Marc Jacobs // BRACELETS: Kate Spade (similar here) // LIPSTICK: Too Faced ‘Melted Peony’

 Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you all are having a lovely week so far. Last week, my family and I spent a few days up in Bar Harbor, Maine. I had never been before and can’t believe how gorgeous the place is! The town is considered an island, with water and mountains surrounding it. Literally the most breathtaking views I have ever seen!

During our time there, we took a tour all the way up to Cadillac Mountain (pretty scary for people who have a phobia of heights like me!), walked around town, ate a wholeeee lot of food, and just enjoyed the many beautiful views Bar Harbor had to offer.

I wore this dress for one night we ate dinner by the water at the Reading Room. The view and food were both heavenly, so this swing dress was perfect to hide my ever growing food baby haha! I am the type of person who is always drawn to anything white, especially in summer, so it’s a given I am in love with this dress! Just look at the lace detailing- so stunning! It’s currently on sale right now for $40, making it the perfect summer day/evening dress to invest in.

I chose these sandals because I loved the color and ruffle effect that was shown online, but when I received them, the strands were literally flat as you can see in some pictures above! When I walked around town with them, they started to ruffle more, but I suggest clipping the strands together upward to get them to stay in such a way.

Have you all shopped the #NSale yet?! It’s still only open to Nordstrom debit and credit card holders, but on Friday the sale opens up to the public! Tomorrow check for a post on all my #NSale favorites under $100!

Thank you so much for stopping by!



Romantic Floral Dress










DRESS: BB Dakota // HEELS: Steve Madden // LIPSTICK: Too Faced “Melted Peony” and Buxom “White Russian”

If you have been following Sparkle in Gold for a while now, you may have noticed I have a thing for flowers. Okay, a downright obsession with them. Whether they are real. painted, or designed on a dress…I love anything floral. Be it the inner girly girl in me, wearing florals allow me to feel feminine and makes my personality just a tad bit brighter.

With already being a huge fan of BB Dakota, I found this dress on a whim and seeing as I already have numerous floral patterned apparel (guilty), I was hesitant to add another to my number. But friends, this dress just had “Odette” written all over it!! The silhouette, the colors, the beautiful florals…how could I pass it up? It was a dress I had envisioned owning since I was a little girl, during my ‘tea party’ days, and one I can see wearing for years to come.

Have you ever found a dress you just know was meant for you? It may sound silly, but I feel like this dress was made for me! Pink, floral, and girl…yep that’s Odette’s personality in a nutshell and I am not afraid to say it!

The pattern of this dress encompasses the beauty of both spring and summer. The fit is #tts ( I am wearing a size 4) and can easily be layered with a jean jacket for more of a day-time look. I am planning to wear this next week during my cousin’s wedding weekend, and I know I will get so much use for it in the months to come!

The lipstick I am wearing is a combination of Too Faced ‘Melted Peony’ and Buxom ‘White Russian’…a combo that pairs well with so much!

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was eventful with my brother graduating high school (I am the oldest of three, so feeling pretty old these days!). I hope you all enjoyed yours!