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Six Things I Learned by Turning 26







DRESS: ASOS (sold out, similar here and here) // BOOTS: Sam Edelman // SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban

Today I woke up 26, and it honestly hasn’t hit me until now that I am no in my “later” twenties…how did I get here so quickly?! I am so truly blessed to live the life God has created for me, and with each year I get more excited for all the blessings that await with each new age.

Before I go off to enjoy my day and eat lots of cake, I wanted to share six things I have learned from 26 six. I love how my birthday falls right after the new year for I am able to have more time to reflect on what it is I desire in the year ahead.

Your body is a temple. Growing up as a dancer, my body was always physically in shape- no matter how I ate. Maybe it was the non-stop movement or constantly being on go (I was the kid with 25 extra-curricular activities), I never had to worry about what I put into my body or how much I moved/worked out…until the past couple of years. Working full-time with two full-time businesses on the side is A LOT of stress on the body. Not to mention the lack of movement, sleep, and relaxation you get. This has hit me hard the past six months- constant back aches, feeling sluggish, and not in my best shape. I am going to take turning 26 as my mark to make it the year of balance and putting my body and mind’s needs first. I already have signed up for a yoga studio and will be starting Paleo come February.

Success comes in time. We live in a world of instant gratification these days where everything we want is at reach. I couldn’t be happier with where I am at in my businesses, but of course there is always the need for more. I am starting to learn to be here now and value the present. It’s about the journey, anyways!

Be true to you. Comparison is a hard feat not to get caught up in, especially when your job deals with social media. I’ve never been one to be scared to dive deep or get more personal, but in life and in my blog, it’s important to stay true to who I really am and not get caught up in what everyone else is doing and feeling like I should do the same!

Laugh more. Because life is way too short not to.

Save your money. This one has been ingrained in my head from my dad since I was five and asking for allowance, and it’s one of the best words of wisdom out there. Over the past few years, I’ve learned how to cut back and only spend my money on what I really need/want in order to make it to wear I want to be in both business and life.

Be kind, love always, and follow your heart. These have always been words I try and live my life by, and I truly feel I have encompassed all three.

Thank you so much for stopping by, it means so much to me!



Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist (1)

Jacket// Contour Kit // Velvet Clutch // Earrings // Blush Handbag // Heels // Bracelet // Sneakers

Update: I totally know I spelt “wishlist” wrong in the above image- hopefully at 26 I can spell better!!

Happy Monday friends!

Today I’m sharing my birthday wishlist. I turn 26 on Wednesday, so I am excited for the birthday week to commence! In years past, celebrating my birthday has meant a lot to me, but this year I am so laid-back about it. I really just want to have a day to relax, have dinner with my family, and enjoy a nice piece of chocolate cake haha!

I’ve rounded up some of my current craves, mainly for my mom ;), but though I would share with you all! Since my birthday falls right after Christmas, I usually am so over receiving sweaters and all the winter things. So, this year my list is more spring-geared with a couple thing that can be transitioned from winter to spring. I love this blush handbag and mint jacket for spring!

This past weekend, my best girlfriends came up to Boston. We have three winter birthdays in our friend group, so we made it a weekend to celebrate all of them! If you’re ever in Boston and heading to the North End, you have to try Bricco. It has the most amazing Italian food. We headed there for dinner, and I cannot wait to go back with Najib..maybe this weekend for my birthday dinner :)!

I hope you all have an amazing Monday (and holiday)!



Winter Pastels








TOP: Nordstrom // JEANS: Nordstrom // BOOTS: Jessica Simpson (old, similar here and here) // SCARF: Forever 21 (similar here and here) // HANDBAG: Elizabeth and James // SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban // RINGS: Forever 21 // EARRINGS: Kate Spade // LIPSTICK: Buxom “White Russian”

Hi friends! It’s been a very long time since I came here and wrote a post, and I apologize! Like I mentioned in my previous post, I took some time to en joy the holiday season. It also took me a bit to get back into the swing of things. I am truly trying my best to get organized and stay on top of all I have to do, but when you have three jobs….life can get a little crazy sometimes!

I truly feel that 2017 will be my year to step up and fully take on blogging/Sparkle Studio as my full time career. In the mean time, I have to continue being consistent and creating blog posts, stationery, and inspiration for you all! The past week I have worked on getting all what I want to share with you down on paper, so now it’s time for me to create. I cannot wait to continue growing this blog and my stationery shop!

So today I am sharing my first fashion post of 2017! I love winter pastels, well…I just love pastels in general, but i love adding them into my wardrobe to brighten up the bold winter colors we always see. I saw this tassel tie blouse a few weeks ago, and immediately fell in love with the lavender color, it’s so feminine and could easily be transitioned as a spring or summer top!

I paired it with my favorite white denim, and gray over the knee boots. The day we shot this look, it was a breezy 12 degrees. I have chills just thinking of how cold it was! So, I took the chunkiest scarf I owned and paired it with the outfit…I have to say I love how it turned out! To add in a bold winter color, I wore my navy Elizabeth and James handbag- a winter classic!

What does everyone have planned this weekend? My best friends are heading into the city and we are celebrating mine, Bry’s, and Dana’s birthdays #winterbabies! I cannot wait to see them and have a relaxing night with them!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week. Thank you so much for the continued support, I cannot wait for the year ahead!



New Year’s Eve Outfit






TOP: Zara (similar here and here) // SKIRT: Urban Outfitters // BOOTIES: Steve Madden // HANDBAG: Topshop (similar here) // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Rebel’ // EARRINGS: Kate Spade // RINGS: Forever 21

Hi friends! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Mine was spent with family all weekend. Coming from a huge family on both sides (my mom is 1 of 21!), I always look forward to having us all together in the same place at the same time. We usually have Christmas Eve at our house, but we are in the process of getting our kitchen remodeled, so we had it at my aunt and uncle’s house. It was so much fun filled with great food…I am so ready to take on a healthier eating style once the New Year roles around. I love resolutions, but this time around it’s to better my everyday health!

Speaking of the new year, how are you all celebrating? Since Najib and I have been together, we spent two out of the three New Year’s Eve hanging out at one of our houses, but this year we are heading to Foxwoods. I don’t like to gamble, but I am excited to go out with our friends and dress up!

I love this outfit for NYE. Bell sleeves are a trend that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so I am loving wearing them lately! Najib’s mom actually picked this top out for me during a recent trip to NYC, so I was so excited to style it on my blog!

I paired my top with a navy velvet skirt and black booties– a color combo I am not afraid of! The outfit is a great option for a night out with friends, and the long sleeves on this top will keep you warm! I had to add a sparkle element to the outfit (it’s NYE of course!), so this Topshop handbag was perfect!

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year’s! I cannot wait for 2017. I am so much exciting content in the works that I cannot wait to share with you all. Please reach out to me with anything you would love to see in the year ahead!

See you in 2017!



My Christmas Outfit







TOP: Nordstrom // SKIRT: Ann Taylor // HEELS: Steve Madden // HANDBAG: Kate Spade // LIPSTICK: MAC “Rebel” // EARRINGS: Kate Spade // WATCH: Daniel Wellington

 Hello there! It’s been a week of catching up and relaxing, hence my lack of posting on my blog! With 2016 quickly coming to an end, I took this past week and plan on taking the next week to relax and enjoy my time with family and friends. Though it’s hard not to create as much as I want to, I truly know I need this time to recollect and garner up energy for the new year. I have SO many exciting plans and goals for 2017, and I truly cannot wait to share them with you all!

Here is my Christmas outfit! I’m a girl who is a sucker for getting into the festive spirit- Christmas music has been on since the day after Halloween haha! So to get into the spirit, I always reach for something red or green. This year it’s a mix of both. I loved this plaid top– the bold colors are normally not my style, but it was a perfect amount of color to pair with my red skirt.

This skirt is a classic, and I know it will be a staple for many more holiday seasons! It pairs perfectly with my black accessories- especially these heels! They have a subtle thick heel that doesn’t take away from the overall beauty of the shoe.

How is everyone ringing in the holiday this weekend? Christmas Eve we will be with my family (my huge family…over 50 people in one place!), and then Christmas day we will be with Najib’s family! I am so excited to give my family their gifts, bake delicious recipes, and watch Christmas movies while sipping on hot chocolate all weekend long. The season flew by, but I am so excited to savor every moment of this weekend!

I hope you all have an amazing holiday, Merry Christmas!